Personal Styling


1. CLOSET DETOX Judith will review your entire wardrobe – including clothes, undergarments, shoes and accessories – helping you sort, organize and remove any items that aren’t flattering, crisp and suited to your style. Then, you’ll “shop your closet” with Judith to discover stylish ensembles based on the clothes you already have! Lastly, Judith will provide a worksheet of closet essentials missing from your wardrobe.

2. SHOP FOR YOUR STYLE Join Judith on a personal shopping trip to purchase your closet essentials and other stylish pieces that make you shine. You’ll learn invaluable tips on how to select the right fit, colors, and styles for your personality, shape, and profession. If you are too busy to shop, Judith can provide personal shopping services for you.

3. YOUR TOTAL LOOK Judith will put together perfect ensembles from your existing and new apparel – so getting dressed is a pleasure! She will take photos of each outfit so you can easily remember how to assemble stylish ensembles from your revitalized wardrobe.

Services can be provided hourly; however, Judith highly recommends completing each step for best results.


Stylists are not just for celebrities! Personal styling with Judith D’Andrea benefits anyone wanting to look and feel their confident best every day. Judith works with women and men, from teens to top-level executives. Rather than imposing a radical transformation or the latest passing trends, she works with her clients so that their clothes reflect their unique personality, taste, career and lifestyle.

Judith’s personal styling services are perfect for:

  • Everyday elegance – for women and men
  • Weddings, special occasions and events
  • Website, LinkedIn, and advertising photos for lawyers, Realtors, financial services, consultants, and other professionals
  • Entertainer headshots and publicity photo shoots
  • Travel preparation
  • Seasonal closet updates

Pricing available upon request.

Appointments and information: 267-670-0848 or


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